An Insatiable Need for Nylons….

I dreamt of him before we met. Walking into a dark lounge, music and muffled voices surrounding me, I looked up to see a strikingly handsome man staring in my direction. His gaze mesmerized me, drawing me towards him. I stepped carefully in my 7 inch stilletos, catlike in my leggings and bodysuit. From beneath my well crafted bangs, I could see his penetrating eyes. Waking up from my dream, I shook it off as nothing but a sweet fantasy….

The following week, I got ready to attend a foot fetish party. A tame affair, the parties catered to foot and footwear afficiondos from all walks of life. It was always fun and entertaining. I knew I would be guaranteed to find interesting conversation and make some new friends, amongst other things. I wore my “lucky” strappy nude ultra high-heeled sandals, the platform front giving me that extra height that I love so much. I had opted for sheer black leggings and a cropped turtleneck top. Very 60’s, very innocent, but then again, not at all. Upon walking into the club, I looked around seeing the usual suspects and a few new potential clients. I felt his piercing energy before I saw him, and as I raised my eyes, there stood the man of my dreams. Perhaps even more handsome, if possible. Impeccably dressed in a suit, with an olive complexion and glowing green eyes, set off by salt and pepper hair. He had a sophisticated appearance, although he couldn’t have been over 40.

As I approached him, he reached out to pull me in, wrapping an arm around my waist. His embrace felt so familiar. We didn’t speak too much. We didn’t need to. After sharing some wine, he asked me if I would do him a favor and put on a pair of nylons. He had a small bag, and in the dim light, he opened it to reveal to me a few sealed shiny packages. I reached in, and took one out, telling him I would be right back. My heart was racing, something exciting was going to happen, I just knew it.

In the locker room girls stood around chatting, sharing drinks, changing shoes, and talking shop. I walked to the far corner and slowly removed my sheer leggings. I carefully opened the package of nylons, removing them and laying them on the bench in front of me. I sat down and felt the soft silky touch of the fabric. The were brand new, flattened into the shape of a cutout leg. I slid a leg up my arm to prepare it for my perfectly manicured foot. As I slid my toes into the end, I adjusted the reinforced toe, so that the seam was perfectly aligned. I repeated on the left side, and then stood up, gently sliding the snug nylons up my firm calves, over my thighs, until I needed that extra tug to get the top portion over my hips. Quickly I checked in the mirror to make sure the seams were straight and I saw how they shimmered on my legs, accentuating every curve. They felt smooth and silky. I pulled my top down so that it was a mini-dress and headed back out to the lounge.

The stranger waited patiently for me and his jade eyes lit up as I approached. Not too fast, I told myself, not so fast. Let him wait. The suspense is the best part. He waited as I meandered towards him, and gently took a seat, leaning one nylon clad leg on his. He reached his hand to my thigh, rubbing the smooth texture, and closing his eyes. He asked me if I was ready to go for our “session”. I said yes.


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