Lace Lovers

IMG_0261He said he wanted to lace me up. I told him, no problem. Little did I know, he meant it literally. We met at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. I was in the lobby waiting. That day, I had decided to wear the white skirt and jacket with a sheer silky blouse underneath. He arrived at 2:45 as planned. We ordered a glass of champagne at the bar, and proceeded to discuss our plans for the afternoon. He had come all the way from Washington, and only had 2 hours to spend. Midway through the conversation, he offered me a small shopping bag, bursting with pink and gold tissue paper. I smiled as he set it on my lap. He told me to look inside. I reached in, and buried beneath the layers of colorful paper, I found a red lace catsuit. The fabric was high quality and smooth to the touch. He told me he wanted me to wear it for him today. I headed up to the room as he ordered one more drink. The luxurious suite had a huge bed in the center and an elegant ambiance. I tossed the bag onto the bed and took off my jacket placing it on the chair. Carefully, I unzipped my skirt, letting it slip to the floor. I stood there in my bra, panties and high heeled nude pumps. Next, I unhooked the bra, let it fall, and pulled down my panties, until they fell onto the plush carpet as well. Just in my heels, I walked to the bed and sat down on the edge, taking a deep breath. Just at that moment there was a soft knock on the door. I asked him to wait a minute, as I took off my shoes, so that I could slide into the lace catsuit. It fit my body like a glove. I quickly zipped it up, and slipped my heels back on. Turning to see my reflection, I noted the sheer red lace, revealing my nude body beneath the surface. I smiled, and headed to the door.

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