Can you keep a secret?

Can you keep a secret? I can. I’m like a steel trap. So, why don’t you let me know what you’re curious to hear about, and perhaps I can tell you a story. Please feel free to comment, or send me a message. This blog is a place where secrets and fantasies can be shared and explored anonymously. I love to write, and I find that my imagination is the most sensual place. As I like to say, fantasy is better than reality. xxxIMG_3263


  1. I am always curious about how women would like to be approached, and I feel I am pretty successful at it since I have confidence and also not afraid of rejection. Another thing I have learned is, not every woman is alike when it comes to how they would like to be approached, so my question is “Is there any approach that guys have done that were “a turn on”? Also some that were “a turn off”? Be as detailed as you can plz

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    1. Hi! You are the first person to send me a message, so I want to try my best to give you a helpful answer. It’s difficult, because as you know, women are not all the same!

      I think first of all, the “obvious” approach is a turn-off. When it’s clearly a pick up/ typical “line”, it’s not very interesting. A better way is to genuinely be yourself. I mean, if you appreciate her appearance, you can compliment her, but say it from an authentic place. Personally, I appreciate compliments – just little things, like “What a pretty dress”, or “I just want to tell you, you have such beautiful eyes (smile), “…but, just don’t say things like “nice tits”….lol! You know, subtle is good. Also, I think the “quiet-sexy” approach can work, unless you are a loud type of person. I think eye contact is key- (not staring like a serial killer), but real eye contact. Something about that is so rare and sexy. I notice that nobody makes eye contact anymore – due to always being on their phones so if you can catch her attention, eye contact is good.

      It also depends where you are meeting women – if it’s in the store for example, you can find a way to ask her something about an item you are buying…strike up conversation. (Use humor – women love to laugh and it puts them at ease. Too serious = creepy.) Then if there is a vibe, you can say, something like “you seem really cool, I would love to get to know you better, I’m just gonna ask, could I get/give you number?” Or, you can slip her your number – I’ve had that happen a few times and it was kind of sexy to me – bold but not obnoxious. Fine line.

      If it’s out in a bar, lounge, you could do the old school thing and offer a drink. Somehow, I think the manners thing is a lost art, and women appreciate it because it is rare. Use your eyes, again. If she seems interested, you can maybe do some light physical contact – like touch her arm softly, or push away a strand of hair off of her face. But, only if she seems interested and attracted.

      If you are walking down the street, it’s harder, but if you see someone and you like what you see, again, eye contact and a smile works…simple but true. After she passes, look back, because this has happened to me, and I always glance back, but usually the guy just keeps on going and I wish he had turned around….

      Other things like just striking up a simple conversation – as I said, eye contact and interaction seems to be a lost art, so when it happens, it can be almost unnerving these days, but after a moment it is refreshing. Ask her about herself….people love to share about themselves….trust me.

      Thank you for visiting my blog – let me know if you are able to access the short stories I posted! xo


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