Room Service

Taking one last sip of the rich earthy red wine, the sultry brunette closed her eyes. Mind drifting as she leant back into the plush sofa, resting her slender legs upon the white leather ottoman. The dark red silky dress she had worn that night was sliding upward, to reveal nude thigh high stockings, glimmering in the dim light. Heavy classical music filled the room, along with a background of crashing waves that could be heard from the ocean below.  A tropical breeze drifted from the open balcony, across the room. She inhaled the briny air. Perfection. Everything was as it should be. Except one thing. She was all alone.

Her husband had brought her here on a business trip, but he had left to go to a “seminar” hours ago. Typical. He always had some sort of emergency meeting coming up. She picked up a pack of cigarettes and lit one, tipping her head back as she exhaled a thin stream of smoke from her full ruby lips. She took another drag, then put the cigarette out in the crystal ashtray. Reaching for the wine glass, she noticed it was nearly finished. In fact the bottle of wine was empty. She would call room service. It was only 10 pm, but her husband said he wouldn’t be back until well after midnight. She needed another drink. Leaning over, she reached for the phone and dialed the front desk.  She asked for a bottle of the best Cabernet along with a small chocolate dessert. Leaning back again, she closed her eyes and dozed to the soothing sounds around her, relishing the sensations running through her body.

A sharp tap on the door startled her, and she slowly got up, smoothing her dress down as she headed for the door. A young mans voice called out “room service.” She opened the door to see a strikingly handsome man with dark hair, an olive complexion and green eyes. He held a tray with the bottle of wine, two glasses and a decadent looking slice of chocolate cake. She sighed, as she looked at the cake and then back at him. He smiled. She told him to come in so she could pay him. He set the tray down on a table near the bed and proceeded to open the bottle. She felt him staring at her as she rifled through her purse for cash, so she told him to just add it on the room charges. He began to pour the wine and she stopped him after one glass, telling him it was only for her, unless he could join her for a little bit. He paused, walked over to the door, and closed it, locking it behind him. As he came back into the room, he told her he was off now anyway and he would love to have a glass of wine.

They were standing close to one another now, and as she took her glass to touch his, he moved nearer, and gently put his hand on her waist. She felt the magnetic pull and let him bring her body against his. Her nipples pointed through the silky fabric against his chest. He inhaled her fragrance and kissed her neck. She moaned softly at first. She told him she shouldn’t, but she let him push her down onto the luxurious bed, and as her dress slid up, he put his hand on her thigh, running it upward under the satiny fabric until it reached the warmth of her damp panties. He slid one finger underneath the panty and slowly inside of her. She moaned louder. He swiftly unbuckled his belt with the free hand, and she reached down to feel his huge hard cock. He reached around her slim frame, grabbing her ass cheeks as she stroked his cock slowly. The satin dress was now up around her waist and the straps had fallen, revealing her perfect breasts. He reached both hands around her ass and pulled her towards him and she held his cock so close that he could feel the wetness and warmth. Suddenly her took her arms with one hand and held them over her head, pressing her down into the bed as he put his cock into her drenched pussy. She moaned with ecstacy. He moved in and out with precision, teasing her, and going slowly enough to hold out from exploding. She reached around grabbing his butt and pulling it towards her while she thrust her hips towards him in unison. They fucked like wild animals, sweating and moaning. He turned her around and slid the thin dress back up, revealing her flawless rounded cheeks. Her pussy was now swollen and glistening in the candlelight. He moved his hand along her back, pressing her down and forward while his hard cock slid in again, and this time he fucked her hard, and she begged him for more and more. He didn’t stop until he came powerfully inside of her and fell over, exhausted, lying against her damp body. She kissed him softly and stroked his hair and shoulders, running a finger down the center of his chest, following the trail down his body. As they lay there in a languid haze, there was the sound of a key opening the door….RGH-crop


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