Silky Feet

People always comment on how soft and silky my feet feel….they are very pampered. It takes some effort. I get regular pedicures at a spa, and at home, I do treatments to keep my soles super smooth and supple. I dance, do yoga, and hike a lot, so believe me, my feet appreciate the extra attention. It’s worth it!

Do you like giving foot massages? How do you pamper the one you love? And, lastly, do you prefer being spoiled or treating someone else?

Have you every given a girlfriend a pedicure? You should try it sometime… here is a link for some pretty nail polish colors…just an idea…

OPI Make it Iconic Collection, Mini Packs


  1. I agree with Mac Miller! That ass is amazing. Not sure why its seems to be feet focused when it could be cheek focused! Bravo!


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