The Weekenders

He was exhausted from the previous work week. The legal team had decided to take a long weekend, since the trial had to be extended due to extenuating circumstances. As much as Henri dreaded the ongoing battle, he was relieved to have a few days to relax, recuperate and prepare himself for the upcoming slog.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror in his luxurious London flat, he smiled and noticed the small crinkles forming around his sparkling blue eyes. He definitely needed a rest. While examining his reflection, he ran his fingers through his silver hair, and watched as his beautiful girlfriend entering the bedroom, wearing a silky red slip, her black hair framing her petite face. He reached down, and began stroking. It didn’t take much to get hard with Serafina around. She was just oozing with sexiness, and it didn’t hurt that she was easy on the eye and had an insatiable appetite for his cock.

As he walked into the master bedroom, there she was, laying down on her back, legs hanging off the end of the bed, her patent red high heels dangling off of slender long legs. Her alabaster complexion with that jet black hair drove him wild, and she knew it. He noticed the small triangle of black hair peeking out from underneath of her silky slip which was riding up over those long toned thighs. She looked at him, parting her red glossy lips, “finally, we have a long weekend alone, come here baby, let me help you to unwind.” He was hers. He only every thought of her, wanted her, desired her. She was a queen, and he was there to serve her in every possible way imaginable. In exchange, she kept him hard and excited just be her very presence.

Henri walked towards the bed and stood above her, between her legs, letting his robe drop open, revealing his hard and ready cock. She smiled. He knew what to do. He had been well trained. Down he went onto his knees, pushing her slip upward, revealing her damp pussy. He gently parted her thighs, and eased his way towards her, sliding his tongue gently in and around her lips, then entering with shallow, then deeper  and deeper thrusts. She tasted like honey. The blend of her natural body essence with her favorite  fragrance intoxicated him. She moaned and he continued to please her, as she grabbed his hair and pulled his head tighter to her body. Just as she was about to cum, she told him to stop. He climbed up over her on the bed, kissing and licking her body up to her full breasts. He tugged her nipples with his teeth, one at a time, sliding his hand down to feel how wet she was. She reached for his cock, whispering in his ear to fuck her, she was ready. He flipped her over, so that she was leaning over the edge of the bed. Her high pumps still on her perfect feet, her delicate round ass peeking out from under the red satin slip. He pressed her back down, as her hips rose to meet him. Teasing her with the head of his cock, he slid it in and out of her pussy, just making her want him more. He glistened with her wetness, and he grabbed her hips as he plunged his cock deep inside. She moaned with pleasure as she shoved her hips back to meet him again and again. He fucked her hard with abandon, and just as he was about to cum, she told him to wait, wait, wait….he pulled out. He knew she liked to watch. As she motioned towards the doorway, he heard the heels of a woman clicking along the marble entryway. It was her stunning friend Jessie. Jessie was naked other than her black laced up high heel sandals. Her blonde hair a messy bun. She walked towards the bed, and bent down to kiss Sarafina on the lips, they caressed each others bodies, as Henri watched, stroking his cock.

Sarafina took her friend’s hand, and led her to the small sofa across from the bed. She leaned her over and caressed her round ass, slipping a finger, then two inside of her waxed pussy. Jessie was long and lean, tanned and fit. Her body was athletic and flawless. Henri watched with excitement. Sarafina motioned him over. “Fuck her, I want to watch you make her cum.” Sarafina stepped back and lay down on the bed, positioned so that she could watch, as she touched herself. Small beads of perspiration formed on her delicate face. Henri leaned over Jessie, and she spread her legs wide. He looked at Serafina as she moaned and told him to do it….make them both cum. She watched intently, as he slid his thick hard cock deep into Jessies glistening pussy. Serafina could see it sliding in and out, wet and pink as he fucked her friend harder and harder. Jessie wrapped her long tanned legs around his torso as she bucked her hips up and down. Serafina grabbed her favorite dildo and began to work it in and out of her pussy, crying out with a loud moan of pleasure as she watched her boyfriend cum and throw his head back with a yell, her friend writhing with pleasure under him. They all collapsed simultaneously. After briefly dozing off, they got into the big bed together, the three of them. The two women caressed each other, while Henri watched, mesmerized. Serafina asked if he was ready for round two. He smiled. This was going to be a great weekend.

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